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Laser Lens in Industrial Foregoing Stack Minecraft: The Ultimate Guide

Are you wondering what laser lens in Industrial Foregoing stack Minecraft is and how to use it? Then, you have come to the right place! In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about laser lens in Industrial Foregoing stack Minecraft.

What is Laser Lens in Industrial Foregoing Stack Minecraft?

Laser lens is a crucial item in Industrial Foregoing stack Minecraft. It is used to direct and control the lasers used in the mod. These lasers are used for a variety of purposes, from farming and harvesting crops to mining and digging tunnels. There are six different types of laser lens, each with its specific function.

Types of Laser Lens

1. Basic Lens: The Basic Lens is the simplest lens and is used for creating a straight laser beam.

2. Ore Lens: The Ore Lens is used for vein mining. When the laser is directed at a vein of ore, the whole vein will be mined at once, making it faster and more efficient than conventional mining.

3. Weighted Lens: The Weighted Lens is used to push or pull blocks. Depending on its set intensity, it can move blocks several blocks away.

4. Focus Lens: The Focus Lens is used to focus the laser beam onto a single block or area, making it powerful enough to destroy it.

5. Scatter Lens: The Scatter Lens disperses the laser beam in different directions, which can be used for various purposes, such as farming and mining.

6. Precision Lens: The Precision Lens enables the laser to mine only specific blocks, leaving the other blocks intact.

How to Obtain Laser Lens

To make laser lens in Industrial Foregoing stack Minecraft, you will need to have the necessary resources. Basic Lens can be crafted using a regular furnace and some coal. The other lenses require more complex crafting recipes, which you can find on the Minecraft mod wiki.

Once you have crafted the lenses, you will need a laser workbench to assemble them into your laser gun. The laser workbench is a multiblock structure consisting of several machines that work together to create your laser gun.

How to Use Laser Lens

Once you have your laser gun with the lenses installed, using them is straightforward. You need to aim the gun at the block or area you want to mine or farm, and the laser will do the rest.

The laser lenses have various intensities and modes that can be adjusted using the control panel on the gun. Some lenses, like the ore lens and weighted lens, have varying intensities depending on the ore or block's size and weight.


Laser lens is a critical item in the Industrial Foregoing stack Minecraft mod. It enables players to mine and farm resources more efficiently and effectively with the use of laser beams. Knowing the different types of laser lenses and how to craft them is essential to get the most out of this mod.


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