how do i install focus lens on full spectrum laser


Using a laser engraving machine is a common practice in modern times. It is an incredible tool with immense capability. It is versatile and comes in various models, one of which is the Full Spectrum Laser. The Full Spectrum Laser is a high-end laser engraving machine that is well-equipped for industrial use. It is one of the most popular laser engraving machines in the market today. However, it is important to note that it comes with several parts that require assembly, one of which is the focus lens.

In this article, we would discuss how to install the focus lens on the Full Spectrum Laser. We have provided a comprehensive guide for the installation process, ensuring that you have an easy and successful installation.

Why is the Focus lens important?

The focus lens is a crucial component of the Full Spectrum Laser. It is responsible for focusing the laser beam onto the material being engraved. Without the focus lens, the laser beam would be broad and unfocused, causing inefficient engraving or cutting, and eventually a waste of the material. The focus lens plays an important role in the clarity and preciseness of the engraving. Therefore, it is essential to install it properly to get the desired output.

Tools required for installation

Before installing the focus lens, ensure you have the necessary tools for a successful installation. These tools include:

- A pair of small pliers

- A cloth or lens tissue

- A Phillips head screwdriver

Steps for installing the focus lens on the Full Spectrum Laser

Step 1 – Turn the Full Spectrum laser off: This is a necessary precaution to protect both the operator and the laser from any harm.

Step 2 – Locate the Focus Lens Housing: The focus lens housing is located at the bottom of the laser head. It has a retaining ring, which holds the lens in place.

Step 3 – Remove the Retaining Ring: Using the pliers, carefully unscrew the retaining ring from the lens housing. Take note of the retaining ring and the lens' orientation.

Step 4 – Remove the Focus Lens: Once the retaining ring has been removed, gently remove the focus lens from the housing, taking care not to touch the lens with your bare hands. Skin oils can damage the lens.

Step 5 – Clean the Focus Lens: Using a soft cloth or lens tissue, clean the focus lens to rid it of any debris or dirt.

Step 6 – Install the New Focus Lens: Insert the new focus lens into the housing. Orient the lens with the dotted marking facing outward.

Step 7 – Replace the Retaining Ring: Once the lens is in place, screw the retaining ring back onto the lens housing firmly. Be careful not to over-tighten the retaining ring as it can damage the lens.

Step 8 – Check the Focus Lens Alignment: Ensure the lens is centered if applicable and that the focus lens housing screws are tight.

Step 9 – Turn the Full Spectrum Laser Back On: After completing the installation, turn the laser back on and check if the focus lens is working properly.


In conclusion, the focus lens is an integral component of the Full Spectrum Laser, and installing it properly is essential for the laser's successful and efficient use. Ensure you have the necessary tools, and follow the steps described in this guide to have a successful installation. If you encounter any challenge, the Full Spectrum Laser support team is always available to guide you through the process.


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