how far is las lenas from buenos aires


Located in Argentina, Las Leñas is a well-known ski resort region that attracts tourists from all over the world. However, for those travelling from Buenos Aires, one of the country's largest cities, it can be challenging to know how to get there and plan accordingly. In this article, we will go in-depth about the distance between Buenos Aires and Las Leñas, as well as the various transportation options available for travellers.

How Far is Buenos Aires from Las Leñas?

Located in the Mendoza Province, Las Leñas is roughly 1,100 km away from Buenos Aires. While this might seem like quite a distance, there are a variety of ways to get to the ski resort region, including:

1. Flight

From Buenos Aires, the easiest and quickest way to get to Las Leñas is by taking a flight. Aeropuerto Internacional Mendoza (Mendoza International Airport) is the closest airport to Las Leñas, located approximately 240 kilometres away. It's also important to note that while there are no direct flights between Buenos Aires and Mendoza, there are several daily flights that make connecting flight options available.

2. Bus

For those looking for a more affordable way to get to Las Leñas from Buenos Aires, taking a bus is a great option. There are several bus companies that can take you from Buenos Aires to Mendoza, from where you can continue your journey to Las Leñas on another bus or by renting a car.

3. Rental Car

Another option for getting to Las Leñas from Buenos Aires is by renting a car. This can be a more expensive option as a one-way rental can be costly, but it also provides greater flexibility and the chance to stop and explore along the way.

Travelling from Buenos Aires to Las Leñas: What to Expect?

Now that we have discussed the different transportation options available, let's take a closer look at what travellers can expect during their journey from Buenos Aires to Las Leñas.

1. Scenic Route

Whether you decide to drive or take a bus, the route from Buenos Aires to Las Leñas is incredibly scenic. The journey takes you through the heart of Argentina and offers stunning views of the Andes mountains.

2. Time

The time it takes to get from Buenos Aires to Las Leñas can vary greatly depending on your method of transportation. A flight can take as little as two hours, while a bus journey can take over 17 hours. Rental cars also require enough time for the full drive.

3. Weather

It's essential to keep in mind that Las Leñas is a ski resort town, so the weather can be very different from what you might expect in Buenos Aires. The ski season in Las Leñas typically runs from June to September, with the coldest and snowiest months being July and August.

4. Accommodation

There are plenty of accommodation options in Las Leñas, but it's important to book well in advance, especially during the peak winter season. It's also vital to note that many hotels, apartments, and chalets in Las Leñas are ski-in, ski-out, so you don't have to worry about transportation to the ski slopes.

5. Skiing and Snowboarding

Las Leñas is a top spot for skiing and snowboarding in South America, thanks to its world-class powder, varied terrain, and favourable weather conditions. There are over 40 ski runs spread over 24,700 acres of ski terrain, with over half of the trails classified as black and double black diamond. Additionally, the resort has excellent grooming, ski school programs, and a fun après-ski scene.

In short, while Las Leñas may seem far from Buenos Aires, it's an incredible destination well worth the trip. Whether you choose to fly, take a bus, or rent a car, the journey to Las Leñas offers stunning views and an unforgettable experience.


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