how steep is marte in las lenas


How Steep is Marte in Las Lenas?

Las Lenas is known for having some of the best ski slopes in South America, and one of the most challenging is without a doubt Marte. This ski run has a reputation among skiers and snowboarders as one of the steepest and most difficult slopes on the continent, but just how steep is it really? In this article, we’ll investigate just how challenging Marte is and what to expect when you take on this incredible slope.

The History of Marte

One of the reasons Las Lenas has developed such an impressive reputation among avid skiers is because of its unique history. The resort wasn’t developed until the late 1980s, so the natural slopes in the area are not engineered or altered in any way. This makes for a raw and natural skiing experience that is unmatched by many other ski resorts around the world.

Marte was created by a group of skiers who decided to ‘cut’ the run themselves by skiing down it over and over. They formed a ‘trail’ on the slope, as there were no lifts or infrastructure at that time. The run became famous for its incredible gradient, and a small but dedicated following of skiers started visiting Las Lenas just to ski Marte.

The Steepness of the Run

So, just how steep is Marte? The slope has an average gradient of around 40 degrees, which is incredibly steep but nothing out of the ordinary for experienced skiers who might be used to tackling slopes of this gradient. However, there are certain sections of the run that are closer to 50 or even 60 degrees, which is almost vertical.

At these sections of the run, skiers must navigate the slope very carefully and use a lot of technical skill, strength, and confidence. Falling or losing control is not an option when skiing Marte, and at these steep pitches, there are no trees, rocks, or bushes to slow you down, making it a truly exhilarating and adrenaline-fueled experience.

The Difficulty Level of Marte

While the steepness of Marte is impressive, it’s not just the gradient that makes this run so challenging. The trail itself is difficult to navigate thanks to numerous moguls (bumps) that form as skiers navigate the steeper sections of the run. These moguls can be several feet high, making it challenging to maintain balance and control.

There is also a lot of wind on Marte, which can make the snow conditions unpredictable and change quickly. Skiers must be prepared to deal with any kind of snow condition from powder to hard icy snow. This can be particularly challenging for those who have never skied Marte before as they will not know what to expect.

The Risk Associated with Marte

While the thrill of skiing Marte is undeniable, there are significant risks associated with tackling this slope. Skiers who are unprepared or who do not have the proper equipment can quickly find themselves in trouble. Injuries are not uncommon, and avalanches are always a possibility, particularly in the steeper parts of the trail.

As a result, many first-time visitors to Las Lenas choose not to ski Marte, instead opting for an easier trail that is better suited to their abilities. Even experienced skiers should take care when tackling this slope, and only attempt it if they are confident in their abilities and have the proper equipment.


When it comes to skiing in South America, few trails are as legendary as Marte in Las Lenas. The incredible gradient and natural terrain make for an unforgettable ski experience, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Only those with significant experience and skill should attempt to ski Marte, and anyone hoping to tackle this trail should ensure they have the proper gear, and receive training on how to ski on steep terrain. So, how steep is Marte in Las Lenas? It’s very steep, but for those with the ability and courage, it's the ultimate skiing challenge.


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