how to align lens on contour roam using laser


How to Align Lens on Contour Roam Using Laser

Are you experiencing blurriness in your videos when using the Contour Roam? Perhaps the lens needs adjusting. Fortunately, aligning the lens on the Contour Roam is a fast and easy process with the use of a laser. In this article, we’ll discuss the steps involved in aligning the lens on your Contour Roam using a laser.

What You Need to Align the Lens

Before you begin, you will need a few things. First, you will need a Contour Roam camera. Additionally, you will need a tripod or a stable surface to hold the camera. A laser pointer will also be needed for this process.


1. Safety Precautions

2. Accessing the Lens Adjustment Screw

3. Using the Laser to Align the Lens

4. Checking the Alignment

5. Final Thoughts

Safety Precautions

Before beginning any work on your camera, it is essential to ensure your safety. Always handle the camera with care and follow any maintenance or alignment instructions provided in the user manual.

Additionally, while aligning your camera lens, it is important to avoid pointing the laser in your eyes or the eyes of others. Cover your eyes when using the laser to avoid damage or injury.

Accessing the Lens Adjustment Screw

Locating the lens adjustment screw is your first step. On the bottom of the camera, you will see a small screw. This screw is used to adjust the lens. Take care when operating this screw, as over-tightening can damage the lens.

Using the Laser to Align the Lens

With the camera in place, you can now begin to use your laser pointer. Turn on the laser and shine it at the wall or a flat surface in front of the camera. This will project a visible dot onto the surface which can be used to align the lens.

Once you have the laser alignment dot in place, adjust the camera’s orientation so that the dot is centered in the middle of the camera. Use the adjustment screw to bring the dot into focus.

Checking the Alignment

After adjusting the focus, you can now check the alignment. Turn on the camera and begin recording. Once the video is captured, review it and determine if the resulting video is clear and focused.

If the recording is still blurry, you may need to readjust the lens alignment. Return to step two and start the process again. It may take a few tries to align the lens correctly, but with patience and persistence, you will achieve the desired result.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring the lens alignment is correct is essential in capturing high-quality footage with your Contour Roam camera. The use of a laser pointer for this process is a simple and effective solution. Taking care when handling your camera and following instructions closely will help to ensure a successful alignment process.


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