how to clean the laser lens on a wii


How to Clean the Laser Lens on a Wii

The Wii is a popular gaming console that revolutionized the gaming industry with its motion-sensing wand controller. Although the console is a game-changer, the Wii has one downside - its laser lens becomes dirty and needs cleaning regularly. This article provides a guide on how to clean the laser lens on a Wii to maintain the console's optimal performance.

Why Clean the Laser Lens on a Wii Console?

If your Wii console starts having trouble reading game discs or movies, it's a sign that the laser lens needs cleaning. The lens, which reads the disc, could get covered with dust, dirt, or fingerprints, which could affect its operation. Cleaning the laser lens on a Wii is essential to fix issues such as freezing or skipping when playing games.

What to Consider Before Cleaning the Laser Lens on a Wii

It's essential to understand that the Wii console is a delicate device that requires proper handling when cleaning. Also, users should avoid cleaning the laser lens if their console is still under warranty. Cleaning could void the warranty, and it's best to contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Before cleaning the laser lens, ensure you have the necessary tools, including a soft-bristled brush or compressed air can, and patience. It's also essential to be gentle when handling the console and its components.

Steps to Clean the Laser Lens on a Wii

1. Turn off the Wii

Before you start cleaning your Wii console, the first step is to turn off the device to avoid electrocution or damaging its components.

2. Remove the Wii Cover

To access the laser lens, you need to remove the cover of the Wii console. To do this, gently lift the plastic cover starting from the front of the console and working your way to the back.

3. Locate the Laser Lens

After removing the Wii cover, you need to find the laser lens, which sits in a metal bracket above the Wii disc drive. The laser lens is a small, translucent plastic lens located at the center of the metal bracket.

4. Clean the Laser Lens

You can use two methods to clean the laser lens: cleaning it with a soft-bristled brush or using a compressed air can.

A) Cleaning with a Soft-bristled Brush

To clean the laser lens with a soft-bristled brush, gently brush off any dust or debris around the lens. Ensure you're gentle, and don't scratch the lens. You can also use a microfiber cloth to wipe the lens gently in a circular motion.

B) Using a Compressed Air Can

If your Wii console has stubborn debris, use a compressed air can. Hold the can upright and spray the air on the lens to blow away any dust or debris without touching the lens.

5. Reassemble Your Wii Console

After cleaning the laser lens, reassemble your Wii console by putting the plastic cover back on. Ensure the cover snaps into place securely and reattach any cords you removed earlier.


Cleaning the laser lens on a Wii console is vital to ensure your console works optimally. By following the steps above, you can clean your console's laser lens effectively to fix issues such as skipping or freezing. Remember to be gentle when handling the console and avoiding cleaning the laser lens if your Wii console is still under warranty.


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