how to clean wii u laser lens


How to Clean Wii U Laser Lens

If you notice that your Wii U is having trouble reading discs or games won't load, it may be time to clean the console's laser lens. Over time, dust and debris can build up on the laser lens and interfere with its ability to read discs properly. Fortunately, cleaning the laser lens of your Wii U is a quick and easy process that can help to optimize your console's performance. Follow these steps and keep your Wii U running like new:

Gather Your Materials

Before you start cleaning your Wii U, you will need to gather some materials. You will need a clean microfiber cloth, a can of compressed air, and some isopropyl alcohol. Make sure that the alcohol is at least 90% pure, as lower concentrations can leave behind residue that can damage the laser lens.

Unplug Your Console

To avoid any potential damage to your console, you should always unplug it before cleaning. Remove any discs from the console and turn it off. Wait a few minutes to allow the console to cool down before proceeding with the cleaning process.

Open Your Console

Once the console is unplugged and cool, you can open the Wii U. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the bottom cover in place. Once the screws are removed, carefully lift the cover up and remove it. This will give you access to the laser lens.

Clean the Laser Lens

Use the compressed air to blow gently on the laser lens to remove any loose dust or debris. Be careful not to blow too hard or too close to the lens, as this can cause damage. Once any loose dust or debris is removed, dip the microfiber cloth in the isopropyl alcohol and use it to gently wipe the laser lens. Be sure to use a light touch and avoid leaving behind any lint or residue.

Reassemble Your Console

Once you have finished cleaning the laser lens, it's time to put your Wii U back together. Carefully replace the bottom cover and screw the screws back in place. Once the screws are tight, plug in your console and turn it on. Your Wii U should now be able to read discs and run games smoothly once again.

Maintain Your Console

To keep your Wii U running smoothly, it's important to continue to maintain it properly. This includes keeping the console clean and free of dust and debris, as well as avoiding excessive use of scratched or dirty discs. If you notice that your console is having trouble reading a disc, take a break from gaming and clean the disc off before trying again.


Cleaning the laser lens of your Wii U is a quick and easy process that can help to optimize your console's performance. Following these steps will help to keep your console in optimal condition and ensure that it runs smoothly for years to come. Remember to take care of your console and it will take care of you.


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