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Laser spots on lens have been a constant problem for photographers and professionals who work with optical equipment. It affects the quality of the images and can be frustrating to deal with. In this article, we’ll discuss what causes laser spots on lens and how to prevent them from happening.

What are Laser Spots on Lens?

Laser spots on a camera lens are tiny dots or circles that appear in the image captured. They can be bright or dim, colored or non-colored, and occur in various locations inside the frame. Laser spots happen when a laser beam reflects off a surface and intersects the camera lens. The reflection causes a spot or a burn mark on the lens's coating, which will appear on the image captured.

Causes of Laser Spots on Lens

1. Pointing Laser at the Camera Lens

One of the primary causes of laser spots on lens is pointing a laser beam directly at the camera lens. Laser beams are highly concentrated light, and they can cause irreversible damage to the lens. This damage occurs when the laser beam's energy source is greater than the lens coating's ability to absorb it. The result is that the laser beam burns or melts the lens's coating, causing a spot.

2. Reflection of Laser Beam

Another cause of laser spots on lens is when a laser beam reflects off a surface and intersects with the camera lens. This can happen when you're photographing near or around reflective surfaces like water, mirrors, or shiny objects. The reflection of the laser beam is so intense that it can cause a spot or burn mark on the lens's coating.

3. Defective Lens

A defective lens can also cause laser spots. This happens when the lens's coating is faulty, or there's a manufacturing defect. A defect in the coating makes it impossible for the lens to absorb the energy from the laser beam, causing a spot or a burn mark on the lens.

4. Dirty Lens

A dirty lens can also cause laser spots. Dirt particles on the lens can reflect laser beams and cause a burn mark. It's essential to clean the lens regularly to remove dirt and other debris that can cause damage.

5. Heat

Heat can also cause laser spots on lens. High temperatures can cause the lens's coating to melt or crack, creating a spot or burn mark. Avoid exposing your camera lenses to extreme heat and keep them in a cool and dry place.

Preventing Laser Spots on Lens

1. Avoid Pointing Laser Beams at the Camera

The easiest way to prevent laser spots on lens is to avoid pointing laser beams at the camera. If you must use a laser near your camera, make sure the beam is not pointing directly at the lens.

2. Use a Filter

Using a filter on your camera lens can protect it from laser damage. Filters act as a shield, blocking laser beams from hitting the lens directly. Make sure to use a high-quality filter that meets your camera's specifications.

3. Keep Your Lens Clean

Keeping your lens clean is essential to prevent laser spots. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the lens regularly, removing dirt and dust particles that can reflect laser beams.

4. Avoid High Temperatures

Avoid exposing your camera lenses to high temperatures, as this can cause damage to the lens's coating. Keep them in a cool and dry place and avoid leaving them under the sun or inside a hot car.

5. Handle Your Lenses with Care

Handle your lenses with care to avoid physical damage that can lead to laser spots. Use lens caps to protect them when not in use and avoid touching the lens's surface with your fingers.


Laser spots on lens can be frustrating to deal with, but they're avoidable. Avoid pointing laser beams directly at the lens, use filters, keep your lenses clean, avoid high temperatures, and handle them with care. These simple steps can help prevent laser spots and ensure that your images are of high quality. Remember to always protect your lenses to avoid any costly repairs.


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