what do fallout 4 laser gun lens mods do


What Do Fallout 4 Laser Gun Lens Mods Do?

Fallout 4 is a highly popular first-person shooter game that is set in a post-apocalyptic world. One of the game's most unique features is the variety of guns that it offers. The laser gun is one of these powerful weapons that players can use to defeat their enemies. However, as with most guns in the game, the laser gun can be improved with the help of mods. In this article, we take a closer look at the laser gun mods, specifically, the lens mods, and what they can do for your gameplay.

What are Laser Gun Lens Mods?

Laser gun lens mods are attachments that you can add to your laser gun to enhance its performance. These mods can be found scattered throughout the game world or can be purchased from various vendors. There are several laser gun lens mods in the game, each providing a unique effect when attached to your gun. By using these mods, you can customize your laser gun to suit your playstyle and to achieve greater success in the game.

What Are the Effects of Laser Gun Lens Mods?

1. Improved Range

One of the most noticeable effects of laser gun lens mods is improved range. When you attach a lens mod to your laser gun, it will allow you to shoot at targets that are farther away. This is a useful effect for players who prefer to engage their enemies from a distance rather than up close.

2. Increased Accuracy

Another advantage that laser gun lens mods offer is increased accuracy. With a lens mod installed, your laser gun will have a narrower beam, making it easier to aim at your target. This is particularly useful when dealing with fast-moving enemies or when trying to hit a small target from a distance.

3. Enhanced Damage

Laser gun lens mods can also enhance the damage that your gun does. This is achieved by creating a more intense beam that deals greater damage per shot. This effect is particularly useful for players who prefer a high-damage, high-risk playstyle.

4. Unique Effects

Some laser gun lens mods have unique effects that go beyond the basics of range, accuracy, and damage. For example, the Improved Focuser Mod creates a beam that penetrates through objects, allowing you to hit enemies that would otherwise be hidden behind cover. This is a particularly useful effect for players who like to plan their attacks carefully.

5. Reduced Ammo Consumption

Finally, some laser gun lens mods can reduce the amount of ammo that your gun consumes per shot. This is a useful effect for players who want to conserve their ammo and ensure that they have enough to see them through the tougher parts of the game.


Laser gun lens mods are a great way to customize your laser gun in Fallout 4. They offer a range of effects, from improved range and accuracy to enhanced damage and unique effects. With the right mods, you can create a laser gun that suits your playstyle and ensures greater success in the game. Whether you prefer to engage your enemies up close or from a distance, there is sure to be a laser gun lens mod that will help you achieve your goals.


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