How to choose the fiber laser cutting machine nozzle?

July 10, 2023

A fiber laser nozzle is among cutting machines most crucial components. It is positioned at the base of the laser head and emits high-pressure airflow and laser energy, which has an impact on the effectiveness of the laser-cutting machine and how long it will last. The focusing mirror is effectively shielded from sundries such as melt stains by the laser cutting machine's nozzle, which speeds up the gas ejection and helps to prevent quick gas rebound.  

The nozzle controls the laser beam's flow, impacting the machine's entire lifespan and the cut's accuracy, speed, and longevity. Understanding the fundamentals of selecting the appropriate fiber laser cutting machine nozzle is crucial.

Laser Cutting Nozzle Type

The nozzle is an essential part of a fiber laser cutting machine because it directs the laser beam precisely onto the material being cut. Various nozzle types are available for fiber laser cutting equipment, and selecting the proper one for your application can make all the difference in obtaining the desired cut quality.

The main functions are to focus the laser beam, produce a high-pressure gas jet, and shield the lens from harm caused by the molten material during the cutting process. Therefore, it is crucial to select the nozzle type based on the thickness and material of the workpiece as well as the necessary cutting speed and quality.

StartNow Laser produces one of the best kinds of nozzles on the market, including ceramic, single, and double. These nozzles may be used with various materials and wall thicknesses because of their individual properties. For instance, single nozzles are commonly used for cutting materials with a thickness of less than 6 mm and are favored for high-speed cutting. However, twin nozzles can provide a higher-quality cut and are appropriate for heavier materials.

Ceramic nozzles can endure high temperatures and are very durable since they are constructed of materials like aluminum oxide. These nozzles work well for cutting heavier materials like steel and aluminum.

How to choose the nozzle aperture

There are several things to consider when selecting the ideal nozzle aperture for your fiber laser cutting machine. The power of your laser-cutting device should be one of your initial considerations. Different power levels will need various nozzle sizes to guarantee the best cutting results.

The thickness of the material you intend to cut is another crucial factor. A narrower nozzle aperture of roughly 1.0-1.5mm would be suitable for cutting less than 3.0mm thick cutting materials. A nozzle aperture between 1.5 and 2.0 mm is commonly advised for materials with a thickness between 3.0 and 10.0 mm. A bigger nozzle aperture of 2.0–2.5mm would be suited for materials thicker than 10.0mm. 

It's crucial to keep in mind that these aperture size suggestions may change depending on the precise specifications of your cutting project. For this reason, it's always better to speak with a Laser Nozzle Manufacturer and expert to find the ideal nozzle size for your unique application.

Selecting the appropriate nozzle aperture is essential for your fiber laser cutting equipment to produce high-quality cutting results. You may choose the optimal nozzle aperture to employ for your project by carefully evaluating elements like power level and material thickness.

How does the laser cutting nozzle affect the cutting performance

Controlling the gas flow and laser beam's focus influences the machine cutting performance. The quality of the cut and the speed of the cutting process can both be impacted by the nozzle size, shape, and material.

1. The size of the nozzle aperture significantly impacts the cut's effectiveness and speed: The diameter of the laser beam, as it travels through the nozzle, is controlled by the size of the aperture. The laser beam spreads out with increasing aperture size, resulting in a higher cutting speed but a lower-quality cut. A smaller aperture will result in a more exact cut, albeit at a slower cutting speed.

2. The nozzle's shape can also affect how well it cuts: Different forms can result in various gas flow patterns, which can impact the speed and quality of the cut. For instance, a converging nozzle can produce a more exact cut by tightening the gas flow pattern. On the other hand, a diverging nozzle can create a larger gas flow pattern, which helps quicken cutting.

3. The nozzle's material is also crucial: The material has to be strong enough to withstand the pressure and heat created during cutting. Due to its superior thermal conductivity and ability to withstand high temperatures, copper is a common choice for nozzle material. However, other materials could be more appropriate for particular cutting applications.

Basic requirements for selecting laser nozzles

There are a few fundamental criteria that must be met when choosing a laser nozzle in order to guarantee high performance. These specifications are explained below:


The nozzle should be composed of a strong, high-quality material that can endure the high pressures and temperatures associated with laser cutting. Copper, brass, and stainless steel are frequently used for laser nozzles.

High processing precision

The nozzle's aperture size affects the effectiveness and efficiency of the cutting operation, so it should be carefully chosen. To achieve perfect cuts every time, selecting a nozzle with a constant and precise aperture size is essential. To decrease friction and lessen wear and tear on the nozzle, the surface of the laser cutting head should be exceptionally smooth. This is crucial because the head's surface flaws can result in erroneous cuts or early nozzle wear and tear.

There must be a highly smooth surface of the laser-cutting head

Strict anti-oxidation treatment is essential to stop the nozzle from developing rust and other types of corrosion. This makes it easier to maintain the nozzle over time, which ultimately results in a longer machine life and better cutting outcomes.

When choosing a laser nozzle, you can ensure that your device operates at peak efficiency and generates reliable, high-quality results by choosing a nozzle that satisfies these fundamental requirements. With these basic requirements in mind, you'll be well on your way to selecting the perfect laser nozzle for your fiber laser cutting machine.


Choosing the right nozzle for your fiber laser cutting machine is crucial in ensuring a successful cutting process. The proper nozzle from StartNow Laser will enhance cutting performance, increase efficiency and precision, and reduce costs in the long run.

StartNow is a Chinese Laser Nozzle Manufacturer & Supplier, and our laser nozzles are constructed from premium components and built to resist the demands of laser engraving and cutting. To match your unique needs, we can customize our laser nozzles' size, shape, and material. Get in touch with us right away to request a quote and learn more about our laser nozzles! 

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