What Is The Market Trend Of Laser Consumables In 2023? Fiber Laser Parts

March 23, 2023

  In recent years, lasers have become an increasingly important tool in modern manufacturing. One type of laser that has been gaining popularity is the fiber laser, a powerful and precise tool used by laser-cutting machines.

  But what are the vital parts of a fiber laser, and how do they work in harmony? In this article, we will dive into the major components that make up a fiber laser system. Whether you are new to the world of fiber lasers or an experienced user, understanding the different parts that make up these powerful tools is essential for getting the most out of them. So, let's get started!

Fiber Laser Machine Structure

  The general machine structure of a fiber laser consists of several key components that work together to produce high-quality laser light. These include the fiber laser enclosure, control system, and power supply. The enclosure serves as the outer casing for the fiber laser, providing protection from the environment and ensuring user safety.

   The control system manages the various components of the fiber laser, allowing the user to adjust the power output and pulse frequency. Finally, the power supply converts external electrical power into the voltage and current needed to run the fiber laser. Together, these components form a reliable and efficient system for generating laser light for a wide range of applications.

Main Components of Fiber Laser Machine

  Laser machines are used in various industrial applications, including cutting, welding, and marking. Although a laser machine's precise configuration can vary depending on the application, the machine's main structure comprises a few standard parts.

1. Fiber Laser Source

  The main light-emitting component of a laser machine is a fiber laser source, which produces the laser beam that is then focused onto the workpiece by the laser head. The laser medium for the fiber laser source is an optical fiber doped with rare-earth elements like ytterbium, erbium, or thulium. If you need to purchase a lens or laser protective lens for your fiber laser source, STARTNOW offers a wide range of high-quality options to choose from. 

  Raycus is one of the most well-known and highly regarded manufacturers of fiber laser sources that offer a variety of options based on the models' maximum power which ranges from 1000W to 15000W. Raycus' laser source is more adaptable and suitable for various cutting and welding applications with higher maximum power..

2. Fiber Laser Head

  The fiber laser head is in charge of delivering the laser beam to the workpiece and includes several essential parts, such as the focusing lens, nozzle, and protective windows. The nozzle helps to control the flow of assist gas that is used to enhance cutting quality and reduce the risk of material deformation. On the other hand, the protective windows protect the lens from debris, dust, and other contaminants that may affect the beam quality.

  One of the most well-known and highly recommended brands of fiber laser heads is Raytools. Raytools offers a range of series to suit various machine types and applications, including BT240, BM110, and BM115 series. BT240 series is designed for high-power cutting applications. BM110 and BM115 series are more compact and versatile, suitable for a range of cutting and welding applications.

   In addition to Raytools, there are other popular brands of fiber laser heads, such as Precitec and WSX. The products available from STARTNOW are excellent options for use with these fiber laser head models, providing reliable and efficient performance.

3. Controller

  The fiber laser controller serves as the brain of the laser device directs and coordinates all of the machine's operations.To ensure accurate and precise cutting or welding, it communicates with the other parts of the machine, including the laser source and the motion control system.

  Friendess is one of the top brands for fiber laser controllers and offers a variety of models appropriate for various laser machine types.

4. Chiller

  The fiber laser chiller is an important component of a laser system that aids in controlling the laser source's temperature, preventing overheating, and ensuring stable and reliable laser output. The chiller works by dissipating the heat produced during operation by running a coolant through the laser source, such as water or a refrigerant.

  S&A and Hanli are the two brands of fiber laser chillers that we advise. S&A is a well-known company that provides a selection of industrial chillers appropriate for different kinds of laser equipment, including fiber lasers.

5. Machine Bed

  It is the laser machine's foundation, providing a strong and stable foundation for all its other components. It is typically made of high-strength materials like steel or cast iron to ensure maximum rigidity and reduce any vibrations that might affect the cutting or welding process.

  The laser head can move smoothly and precisely across the material being processed thanks to the machine bed's precise and accurate motion control system.


Final Thoughts

  Understanding the different components that make up a fiber laser machine is crucial for selecting the right equipment to meet your needs.

  If you are on the lookout for high-quality fiber laser parts, STARTNOW is an excellent supplier source to consider  for its expertise and integration resources in laser industry. From dedication to customer service and support, you can feel confident in your purchase and trust that you will have the resources you need to keep your equipment running smoothly.

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