Amplifier Preamplifier Sensor

The Amplifier (also called height controller or focal length adjuster) is used to maintain the best distance between the laser head and the workpiece during laser cutting. Accurate height control can ensure cutting quality and efficiency. 

The main functions of the height adjuster include:

Automatic height control: the distance between the laser head and the workpiece is monitored in real time by sensors (such as capacitance sensors and optical sensors) and automatically adjusted to ensure a constant cutting focal length.

Obstacle avoidance function: When the uneven surface of the workpiece or obstacles are detected, the height adjuster can quickly adjust the height of the laser head to avoid collision and damage.

Focus tracking: the height adjuster can dynamically adjust the focus position according to the change of cutting path to adapt to different cutting depths and material thicknesses.

The working principle of the amplifier: the input low-power laser beam passes through the amplification medium, and under the action of optical pumping, the particles in the medium are excited, making them jump from low-energy level to high-energy level, and then returning to the ground state to release photons with the same frequency and phase as the input laser, thus realizing the amplification of the laser beam.

Working principle of the height adjuster: The height adjuster uses sensors to monitor the distance between the laser head and the workpiece in real time. The control system drives the servo motor or pneumatic system according to the data fed back by the sensor, and adjusts the height of the laser head to ensure that the laser beam is always focused on the surface of the workpiece during the cutting process.

Applications and advantages

Application: Laser amplifiers and height adjusters are widely used in metalworking, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, electronic manufacturing and other industries, and are suitable for cutting, welding, marking and other processes.

Advantages:Improve cutting efficiency and quality.Reduce workpiece damage and waste.Adapt to the cutting requirements of different thicknesses and materials.Improve the degree of automation and reduce manual intervention.

Through the cooperation of laser amplifier and height adjuster, the laser cutting system can achieve high precision and high efficiency cutting operation and meet the needs of various complex processes.

🎊Laser Cutting Head Preamplifier boasts the following features:

 🌟🚀Powerful anti-interference capability, ensuring a stable working environment;

 🌟🚀Highly sensitive, enabling precise laser control;

 🌟🚀Excellent conductivity for stable current transmission;

 🌟🚀Firm welding for durable and reliable performance;

 🌟🚀Easy operation for quick setup;

 🌟🚀Compatible with sensing lines for further automation.

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